Day 3 – Letter C – A to Z challenge

My thoughts on the letter C… Nothing stands out more than Cancer.

In early october of 2014 my dad started having back pains; the reoccuring trouble of a lifelong athlete. Speaking to him on the phone I nonchalantly told him to go to the chiropractor and have his kinks worked out as he had done so many times before. After a few weeks of regular visits, the pain seemed to get worse instead of better. My mom was worried sick.

They were in Kentucky and I was a continent away in North Africa where I had been living and working for three years. There was only so much I could say or do being so far away. But I was worried even more than my mom was. If something happened to my dad, who would be there to take care of her? Towards the end of October she called me and said his pain is worse and he is hoarse with a bad cough. I knew. He went in for tests. They found cancer, they said. A spot on his lungs, they said. I was hopeful. There is surgery, there is chemo. There are options. There is a chance.

But a week later he was dead. And I never got to say goodbye.



  1. I am so so sorry. Cancer is such an awful disease. My Gran was diagnosed with cancer, a few days later, she was gone. I didn’t get to say goodbye either. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the shock of how fast it happened. I guess they would be glad we remember them as their healthy selves. I try to look at it that way at least.

    1. Definitely. I know that even if it had been caught earlier he wouldnt have wanted himself or us to suffer emotionally or financially just to prolong his life. I know he went in the way he would have wanted I guess. Sorry about your grandmother. It really is the shock of losing someone so fast and unexpectedly

  2. I am sorry for your loss, but grateful for your blog post about losing your father. My husband is a cancer survivor and I appreciate reminders like yours to cherish him everyday. Thank you for sharing.

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